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Salt River Coffee Company Announces Partnership with Bellwether Coffee

Salt River Coffee Company Announces Partnership with Bellwether Coffee

Salt River Coffee Company Brings Electric, Ventless, Zero-Emissions Coffee Roaster to Shepherdsville, KY

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY — September 9, 2021 — Salt River Coffee Company today announced its partnership with Bellwether Coffee, makers of the first-of-its-kind zero-emissions commercial coffee roaster and integrated Coffee Marketplace. The Bellwether Roaster is the world’s first internet-connected, zero-emissions commercial coffee roaster. Bellwether’s recirculating roasting technology removes particulates and volatile organic compounds in real-time, reducing the carbon footprint of roasting by an average of 90%. The addition of the Bellwether Roaster to our roastery and shop helps us to provide freshly roasted, delicious coffee while making sustainability a priority for both the planet and our community.

“Bellwether’s Roaster is perfectly suited to embrace our mission to roast coffee that benefits people. With Bellwether, I know we can stay focused on our mission to deliver freshness with convenience, give back in support of social causes, and embrace sustainable eco-friendly practices.  Best of all and most important — an unparalleled coffee experience for our customers,” said Athena Williamson, Founder and CEO of Salt River Coffee Company.

According to the National Coffee Association, 62% of Americans drank coffee yesterday. The continued growth in coffee consumption and a growing interest in higher quality and sustainability will lead consumers to care more about how their coffee is grown, sourced, roasted, and served.

“By purchasing a Bellwether Roaster, our partners are not only roasting delicious coffee, but they are investing in equitable futures for coffee farmers through purchasing green coffee from our marketplace, and in sustainability for our environment by eliminating harmful emissions in the roasting processes,” said Bellwether CEO, Nathan Gilliand. 

Customers in the Bullitt County area can now try coffee roasted on the Bellwether Roaster at Salt River Coffee Company. For further information, visit www.saltrivercoffee.com and www.bellwethercoffee.com.

About Salt River Coffee Company

Headquartered in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Salt River Coffee Company is all about coffee that benefits people!  SRCC is a specialty coffee roaster, family owned and operated.  Coffee is our passion, and your experience is everything to us.  We roast only in small batches to craft the freshest coffee experience that every person deserves. Our mission is to inspire kindness and giving to both people and the environment. We do this by delivering freshness with convenience, giving back in support of social causes, and embracing sustainable eco-friendly practices.  We proudly offer coffee lovers an unparalleled subscription experience of convenience and ease delivered directly to your door.  For more information, visit saltrivercoffee.com.

About Bellwether Coffee

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Bellwether Coffee is making coffee roasting more accessible, and more sustainable for the environment and our communities. With the most consistent and controllable roaster available, Bellwether's customers—from large brands to small neighborhood cafes—are in complete control of their coffee offerings using the electric, ventless, zero-emissions, award-winning Bellwether Roaster and intuitive roasting software. Bellwether Coffee is the recipient of the Best New Product award for 2019 by the Specialty Coffee Association. For more information, visit bellwethercoffee.com.

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