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Decaf Colombian Coffee, Medium Roast, Sample

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Decaf Colombian Coffee, Medium Roast, 2oz. Sample Pouch

Tasting Notes:  Orange, Marzipan, Sweet Maple

We've crafted this roast to produce a syrupy body with mellow acidity and amazingly smooth cup. Subtle tastes of orange, marzipan, and sweet maple make this a superbly satisfying decaffeinated coffee.

The Bean Story

The ASOPEP cooperative produces wonderfully flavorful coffees and we are excited to be able to offer a remarkable decaf. This coffee is decaffeinated using the ethyl acetate method. Beans are steamed to open up the pores and then rinsed using a naturally derived ethyl acetate wash, extracting the caffeine in the process. EA processed decaffeinated coffees tend to exhibit more sweetness and clarity than other processes and this coffee is no exception.