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Burundi Turihamwe, Medium Roast, 2 oz. Sample

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The Bean Story

This exceptional coffee was produced entirely by women farmers and processed at the Gitemezi wet mill in the Ngozi Province. The mill was built in 2018 by a group of women farmers who had long wanted a processing site of their own for quality assurance. The group of women farmers behind this coffee are a part of a larger producer group who refers to themselves as Turihamwe Turashobora in Kirundi, which translates to “Together We Can!’’. They achieved an output of 1,000 bags of coffee in 2021, with plans to reach 1,200 in 2021. The wet mill and quality team is entirely women-led and works closely with trained Q Graders on best quality practices and lot curation.

We are proud to say that this coffee is IWCA certified.  The network of IWCA farmer members in Burundi is now more than 2,000, whose coffee is differentiated by membership, marketed for its traceability and impact, and which generates end-of-year premiums for all involved. 

 Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 2 oz. pouch

Tasting Notes:  Fruity Citrus, Molassas, Spice


An excellent coffee with bright acidity and complex sweetness.  Lighter roasts exhibit notes of sweet tangerine, vanilla, and rhubarb.  Darker roast pull out notes of raisin, molasses, and spice.  The coffee is delicious as a pour over and also works well as a batch brewed coffee and single origin espresso.

**For the freshest coffee experience we recommend ordering whole bean coffee**
Freshly ground coffee is available by selecting your favorite bean style.


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