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Peru Finca Churupampa, Light Roast, 2 oz. Sample

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The Bean Story

Finca Churupampa is a very progressive coffee farm in Chirinos, Cajamarca, Peru. The Tocto brothers took over the farm’s operations from their parents several years ago and are transforming it into a model for economically and environmentally sustainable coffee production. In addition to selling coffee from their own farm, the Toctos  provide export and marketing services for 215 neighboring farmers. Finca Churupampa has a training center that is open to the entire community, and works with farmers to improve their production practices to break a cycle of poverty that has entrapped farmers in the region for many years.

Churupampa is highly focused on the welfare of both the coffee producers and the environment. They provide farmers with opportunities to improve production practices, are focused on organic farming, and utilize a soil management program which produces fertilizers and compost using a diverse selection of microorganisms gathered from the surrounding forest.

Whole Bean Coffee, Light Roast, 2 oz. pouch

Tasting Notes:  Pineapple, Mango, Toffee


Peru Churupampa is an exceptionally balanced and versatile coffee. One that works very well as both a drip coffee and espresso.  You'll love it's light fruity notes mixed with the creaminess of a light toffee flavor.  Perfect for that light roast coffee fan!

** For the freshest coffee experience we recommend ordering whole bean coffee**
Freshly ground coffee is available by selecting your favorite bean style.


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