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Rwanda Gasharu Natural, Dark Roast, 12 oz. Bag

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The Bean Story

This wonderful coffee is produced by Celestin Rumenerangabo, owner of The Gasharu Coffee Company and his family.  Originally, started in the 1970s, then abandoned in 1994 due to the Tutsi genocide, and finally re-established from almost nothing in 1998. It's now thriving again with over 8,500 trees and two washing stations.  Celestin has become a leader for social and economic change in their community.  

Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast, 12 oz. bag

Tasting Notes:  Raspberry, Bergamot, Chocolate, Caramel

This naturally processed lot is extremely complex and layered, bursting with bright fruit and floral notes.  Phenomenal coffee for it's complexity as well as its balance of acidity, body, sweetness, and fruit.  A complex coffee bursting with flavors of bright fruit and floral notes.  Roasts across the spectrum display notes of raspberry, bergamot, chocolate, caramel and raw sugar.  An amazing specialty lot that is sure to please even the most discerning of coffee enthusiasts.

**For the freshest coffee experience, we recommend ordering whole bean coffee**
Freshly ground coffee is available by selecting your favorite bean style.

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