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The Salt River Coffee Story

Building Our "Tradition"

Salt River Coffee Company’s story began over a decade ago and was the beginning of a new family tradition.  A tradition embodied in the sweet aroma and rich taste of coffee. 

We were married in 2008.  As a proud and newly christened military spouse, I quickly learned to enjoy the days we got spend together, as deployments, trainings, and being underway soon became the norm and a big part of my life.  My husband, an active-duty United States Coast Guardsman, and I realized early in our relationship that we both had a passion for "good coffee".  Growing up in Seattle, there were always plenty of options, and we eagerly tried tons of different varieties and roasters.  Sometimes even ordering coffee directly from roasters overseas.

Weekends soon became our quiet time and being on a budget as most new couple are, we often brewed drip coffee at home.  Michael would make the coffee and I’d make a snack.  We would sit out on our deck and gaze out at the nature preserve behind our little apartment just enjoying the quiet and each other’s company.  This became "our thing".  Our tradition. Our coffee moment is a tradition we keep even today.  Albeit the place has changed, the view has changed, the coffee has changed, but our tradition has endured.  Our little private moments together are still special.

Then, just four months into our tradition, Michael was deployed.  Now, thousands of miles away from each other, we were more determined than ever to stay connected.  There were no cell phones and Skype was more of a random event and blurry at best.  I tried to make his time away as normal as possible and upon hearing how tasteless the military’s version of coffee was, I quickly mailed out a cheap grinder and supply of coffee beans.  It was a hit, and he was the envy of many.  So, every couple of weeks I’d send more coffee.  It was a small connection, but it was ours and it gave me comfort to know we could still share our tradition even thousands of miles apart.  Eventually, he returned home safely, and we have since survived many more separations as he continues to serve our country, of which I am very proud.

Over the next decade, our love of coffee led us to experiment and try different coffee origins from all over the world.  Finding "fresh coffee" became an obsession.  Most coffees found in stores today aren’t fresh.  Even the coffee served at cafés and restaurants has often been sitting on shelves for weeks and months, which diminishes the rich aroma and complex flavor each variety of bean can produce.  Then, in 2021, the opportunity to launch a new venture presented itself and it seemed only natural that it would be coffee.  Coffee is our passion, part of our tradition, and so Salt River Coffee Company was born.

Our mission is to build a company where our coffee benefits people.  From bean to cup.  For us that means benefiting all people from the farmers who grow and harvest our beans, to you - the drinker, who enjoys the cup.  We’re doing this by supporting fairness and sustainability, encouraging eco-friendly practices, and giving back in support of both social and environmental causes.

Salt River Coffee Company’s vision is to craft the most comprehensive assortment of roasts from different origins around the world.  We want to share our tradition by offering everyone the freshest coffee experience they deserve and help you to create your own coffee tradition. 

Michael & Athena Williamson