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Costa Rican Coffee, Medium Roast

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Costa Rican Coffee, Single-Origin, Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:  Orange Marmalade, Praline, Milk Chocolate

Grown at the base of Poás Volcano in Costa Rica's Central Valley at Hacienda Sonora. This exceptional micro-lot produces a coffee that is complex, syrupy, with layers of sweetness. Superbly balanced to brew an excellent pour-over and balanced espresso coffee.

The Bean Story

In the 1970's, Alberto Guardia began growing coffee at Hacienda Sonora. Sonora has a well-earned reputation for producing exceptional micro-lots featuring specific varietal and processing separation. This honey processed lot is made up entirely of the Obata variety, which is a cross between Villa Sarchi and Timor coffee varieties. 

*Single Pot Packs available in fresh ground only.