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Ethiopian Coffee, Dark Roast

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Ethiopian Coffee, Single-Origin, Dark Roast

Tasting Notes:  Milk Chocolate, Blackberry Jam, Toasted Hazelnut
A delicate balance of sweet fruit forward flavor with a light to medium body make this coffee an absolute favorite in all brew styles and espresso drinks. This coffee is perfect for pour-over and espresso.  Lighter roasts share tastes of berry, honey, and pomegranate, while darker roast develop flavors of milk chocolate, blackberry jam, and toasted hazelnut. A wonderful clean taste.

The Bean Story

This exotic Arabica bean is grown in southern Ethiopia and processed at the Konga station to produce a clean quality coffee great for both hot or iced beverages.  Yirga chefe is rated amongst the top of specialty Arabica coffee produced in the world. The Konga station is a private washing station located just south of the town of Yirga Chefe in the Gedeo Zone. Owned and operated by Mekuria Mergia and his family, there are over 800 contributing farmers. The farmers meticulously sort and process the coffee, resulting in an exceptionally sweet, fruit-forward, and balanced cup.  

*Single Pot Packs available in fresh ground only.