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Papua New Guinea Coffee, Medium Roast

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Papua New Guinea Coffee, Single-Origin, Medium Roast

Tasting Notes:  Orange, Brown Sugar, Caramel

A specialty coffee grown where soil and water conservation are a priority. A Typica coffee, this Arabica bean is exceedingly popular for its sweet flavor and silky richness.  For peaberry coffee lovers, this roast is exceptional with a low acidity and distinctive savoriness to complement any coffee menu as a specialty micro-lot.

The Bean Story

This wonderful coffee is grown where soil and water conservation are a priority as well as an eco-friendly bird habitat for over 90 species. Benchmark Coffee Traders supports a strong social agenda including free housing, healthcare, and schooling for both pickers and farmers.  All cherries are handpicked and checked for ripeness to ensure the correct balance of sugar and acid.  Cherries are then pulped the day of picking, followed by fermentation process, and washing by total immersion.  After sun-drying, the coffee is conditioned for 21 days, meticulously sorted, and graded to ensure the very best flavor in your cup.

*Single Pot Packs available in fresh ground only.