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Rwanda Nyampinga Coffee, Medium Roast, Sample

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Rwanda Nyampinga Coffee, Single-Origin, Medium Roast, 2 oz. Sample

Tasting Notes:  Toffee, Milk Chocolate, Pomegranate
Stunning flavor combined with a mellow acidity and a syrupy body make this coffee perfect for fresh brewed drip coffee or as part of an espresso blend to add just a touch of nutty flavor.  The results of which can be tasted in this incredible coffee of sweetness and balance.  Enhance your offerings with this beautifully crafted specialty roasted coffee.

The Bean Story

Nyampinga, translates to "beautiful women, both inside and out", and is a women's coffee cooperative.  These women, who live in under-resourced communities, have shown increased dedication toward growing quality coffee and connecting with international markets to provide a better livelihood for themselves and their families. Since 2013, they have received training from Sustainable Growers, an organization created with the help of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Sustainable Harvest. Lighter roasts are juicy and bright, while darker roast have a mellow acidity and syrupy body.